A focus on mentorship

A commitment to mentorship, leadership and enrichment

“Redefine” supports our mentorship and leadership programs as well as enrichment classes. Our mentorship program caters to the development of junior high and high school aged young ladies.

Redefine -

Honoring the 2020 Redefine Graduates

“I would like to continue my education at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge for the fall semester of 2020. I want to study Psychology to help people because many times they are not fully understood by others. I want to thank everyone who has changed my life in any shape or form from my family to my friends to my mentor, Jasmine Spear. The mentorship has really impacted how I go about approaching problems and how I solve them. My relationship with God has also improved because I have someone I can talk to about my faith.”

“I will be attending ULM,and majoring in Nursing. I heard of Pink Nails from some friends who said that it was interesting, fun and inspirational. My mentors opened up new perspectives on things and expressed their situations with you. In the group I felt really comfortable with asking and talking about personal issues that I had, it is also a sisterhood where I met new people and grew bonds with them.Pink nails encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone more and just take chances. I really appreciate you all for this experience.”

“Mentorship is about guiding a less experienced person and helping them achieve more. Mentorship changed my life for the better. It has caused me to look at life and situations different. The main things mentorship has taught me was to always be respectful, Leadership is key, never let setbacks hold you from doing something, and always give back. Philippians 2:3 “Don’t be selfish; don’t try to impress others. Be humble, thinking of others as better than yourselves.” Leadership has taught me to be humble and considerate of other people. A great leader will always get people to do great things! Mentorship “Redefined” my life and I am forever grateful.  I am very thankful because now I know that I was never alone in becoming a better person.”

 As a special gift in the midst of the Covid-19, we are granting each of our Redefine Graduates with $400 for qualified college expenses.


PinkNailsEnt (PNE) prides itself on leading uniquely and creatively, by finding new and creative ways to lead and to serve. One of the primary leadership principles PNE is founded on is ownership- ownership of oneself and one’s community. We lead by serving.


Featuring biweekly onsite class. PNE holds a 10-12 week mentoring program  held every Saturday from 10:00am-3:30pm. Participants must actively engage in the program and assist in one community outreach to earn 15 service hours. High School Students (10th-12th graders) must network with a Career Mentor directly in their field of interest upon completion of the program. Each student is required to develop a post-high school plan in an effort to encourage continued mentorship. We also have community and after school programs.


Navigate- Our Navigate curriculum incorporates spiritual and practical tools to better equip young women to succeed. Following its name, the curriculum incorporates principles from positive psychology, emotional awareness, basic faith principles, and leadership skills to help ladies build their respective toolkits and “navigate” the course of life.


We identified the following points as target areas to address for the young women within our mentoring program:

– A lack of positive role models with whom they can identify with

-A lack of positive life skills and ability to apply healthy decision making

-A lack of confidence/guidance in the ability to attain worthy goals

-The positive benefits associated with giving through community service

Community-Based Programs- Our Redefine program was successfully implemented in St. John the Baptist Parish in 2017 and has grown from 7 girls each semester to 25 girls in junior high and high school. Our Community Based Programs meet on Saturdays at a specific community center location i.e library, community center.
After-School Programs- Our Redefine after school program was successfully implemented at the request of representatives from Collegiate Baton Rouge in Spring 2019 and relaunched last Fall, we are expanding into additional schools in Spring 2020.


What makes our Mentorship unique is the importance we put into serving as well as enrichment. We see to expose our girls to enriching experiences including, cultural trips, college tours, culinary lessons and much much more.