About Us

About Us

Our Mission

Restore Lives. Meet Needs. Bring Change.

Redefine Mentorship dba PinkNails Girls Mentorship is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization serving ladies in South Louisiana with a mission to Restore Lives, Meet Needs, and Bring Change. The organization began in 2012 as its founders sought to leverage the need for outreach in impoverished communities with the social good of business and individuals.  The organization evolved to include mentorship and women’s empowerment. The organization is comprised of three programs Redefine Mentorship, NoCo Women’s , and Believe Communities Outreaches.

Redefine Mentorship supports our mentorship and leadership programs as well as enrichment classes. Our mentorship program caters to the development of junior high and high school aged young ladies in school and in community programs

“Believe Communities” supports our communities through outreaches, disaster relief  We host a variety of community outreaches throughout the year encouraging our mentees and affiliates to continue the mission of serving and giving back to our communities needs.Our organizations also serves as a funnel of support in case of disaster.

NoCo embodies our organization as a whole. It’s the empowerment segment of organization named after the catch slogan, “No Comparison, No Compromise.” The mission of NoCo is to create a culture where women and girls do not feel enslaved to common notions in social media COmparing, COmpetition with other women, and COmpromising VALUES. To accomplish this mission we have hosted a variety of ladies conferences and small groups.